Hi! I’m the girl who is best friends with pen and paper. You’ll often see me sitting in the corner of the room writing stories or poems. I’m the kind of person that sleeps late at night because I can’t put down the book I’m reading. I talk about fictional characters as if they are real people and cried for days when one of them died. I got a very wide imaginative mind that when I’m imagining my characters having a conversation my facial expression went along with how they’re suppose to say their dialogue. I’m an arts and literature student and when I met my classmates in college I don’t felt weird for the first time, I immediately belong because they are all crazy like me. I have an unhealthy obsession with chocolates, books, TV show, movies, musical plays, music, hockey, hockey players (I’m no puck bunny though, I just appreciate looking at good looking guys!!!), Taylor Swift, anime and with the color blue.
One of my favorite past time is spacing out to my own little world but sometimes I can be also too aware of my surroundings, that might sound contradicting to each other but that’s how I operate. Since at the very young age, I am known for abandoning projects or things when I already lost my interest in it. I find it hard to concentrate at listening and doing a task if it bores me. I am perfectly fine with myself and abilities and talents. I might be far from the norms and not even close to the standard of the society but you know what? I love myself for that fact because I’m uniquely just myself not a carbon copy of anyone else. I think it is one of my achievements in life, to never be afraid of just being me, myself and I. I would rather be a nobody than be a somebody that is just like everyone else. I love spending time with my family and friends but at the end of the day I still craved a time for myself. A moment to get lost in my own thoughts and daydream, I guess I’m a loner by nature. I don’t have that many friends but I am fine with that. I am good at judging people’s characters and like to surround myself with optimistic and cheerful people that motivate me to work harder. It is nice to be in the environment where people is so passionate and love what they does.

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What if Ishida were the main character of Bleach?


As requested by anon. :)

In this AU, we will imagine that Rukia transferred her shinigami powers not to Ichigo, but to Ishida instead. How would Bleach be different then?

1. Ishida would not be happy about the whole “shinigami powers” thing.

Rukia: There is…one way….

Rukia: [stabs Ishida]

Ishida: W-what the hell are you doing?

Ishida: I have Quincy powers!

Ishida: I was just about to take care of the hollow for you!

Rukia: What? You were just standing there so long that I thought you were a helpless human!

Ishida: Does this cape mean NOTHING to you?

Rukia: Well then why didn’t you use your bow?

Ishida: I was planning!!

2. Ishida would face a major crisis of conscience.

Ishida: I understand that your work is very important, Kuchiki.

Ishida: Souls need to pass on.

Ishida: The universal balance must be maintained.

Ishida: But on the other hand, I hate shinigami and I don’t exactly want to be one.

Rukia: Yeah….I’ll be following you around until you agree to help me.

3. Ishida would vacillate between shinigami and Quincy powers.

Ishida: I will help you, shinigami, but as a Quincy, I only fight with a bow!

Ishida: I know that you shinigami don’t like the whole “destroying souls completely” thing, but that is the Quincy way!

Ishida: This sword is basically just a walking stick to me!

Rukia: Okay so now we’re going to fight Inoue’s brother.


Ishida: I could try the sword.

4. Ishida would try to use his sword as a bow

Rukia: Uryu! Perform konso on that soul!

Ishida: Right!


Rukia: Um are you planning to use that homemade bow to fire your sword at the ghost kid?

Ishida: Don’t worry, it’ll be fired hilt first!


5. Ishida would make Rukia pajamas.

Ishida: If you are going to sleep in my closet, shinigami, then….here.

Rukia: Pajamas?

Rukia: They’re the perfect size! And super cute!

Rukia: But how?

Ishida: I have many talents.

6. Ryuken would be even more sarcastic than usual.

Ryuken: So, Uryu, you’re moonlighting as a shinigami now?

Ryuken: How comforting to know that if you tire of being an incompetent Quincy, you can switch to being an incompetent shinigami instead.


Rukia: So I made up a whole fake “I’m human” story for nothing, huh?

7. Ishida would notice that something was off about Urahara.

Ishida: This is the guy who gave you the gigai, Rukia?

Rukia: Yeah, that’s the one.

Ishida: The gigai you’ve been wearing while not getting your powers back?

Ishida: The gigai he just happened to have for you?

Rukia: What, you think he’s evil or something?


8. Rukia would be in way more trouble with Soul Society.

Rukia: Renji! Nii-sama!

Byakuya: Rukia…

Byakuya: You gave your powers to a Quincy?

Byakuya: Seriously?


Rukia: It seemed like a good idea at the time?

9. Ichigo would be kinda useless

Ichigo: Ishida! I heard from Inoue that you are going to Soul Society?

Ichigo: I want to help!

Ishida: By doing….what, exactly?


Ichigo: I can punch people?

Ishida: Stay in school, Kurosaki.

10. Bleach would just have so much more planning.

Ishida: Okay, everyone!

Ishida: We are about to be fired in a cannon into enemy territory!

Ishida: These binders contain Plans A-J, Contingency Plans K-P, and three sets of code words.

Ishida: If caught by the enemy, you must eat the binder.

Chad: Um





very very very below average

(extremely below average)

So below average that I don’t exist

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its so sad that every boy who dresses remotely nice is labeled as gay like thts not even offensive to gay people it just means straight boys dress like shit 

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(Sirius Black at 2am in the Gryffindor dormitory)

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wanna know what a cow looks like washed and blow dried?



that is what a cow looks like washed and blow dried


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comedy gold







it just keeps getting better

Owl you can fly

That moment when you get way too absorbed into a kids movie and then realize that you’re an adult now.

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